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I have NO distributor or business partner in China!

I got an upsetting email tonight from China domain name registration center, who wanted to confirm if I had any business together with BaoYuan Ltd. They want to register ”heljesten” as their internet keyword and domain name in China and Asia.

I can guarantee that this is totally false! I have never had, and am not planning to have, any distributor or business partner in China whatsoever.

When you google BaoYuan Ltd it seems they are up to a lot of different sorts of business, ranging from chemical, electrical, art production to international marriages! I don’t know if Bao Yuan is as common in China as Svensson is in Sweden, but I certainly do not want to be mixed up in any of those activitites. Especially not international marriages.

To this effect, I will publish this text on my Swedish site also, plus on my blog, where the registrar found me.

If you should hear anything from any Chinese/Asian contact using Heljesten in any form, please let me know immediately!

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