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SDL Studio 2014

Today I spent a couple of hours at a roadshow on SDL’s new version of Studio. There were a few exciting new features and my decision when I left was to install the new version sooner or later, whenever my project status allowed me to do so.

A few hours and an electrical outage later I discovered that my Studio 2011 had taken a heavy toll when the electricity disappeared. The project I was about to deliver was corrupt, and I could not create a new one using the same source files and automatically retranslate it with the existing memory. What to do?

But, hey! I could take the opportunity to install 2014! Said and done. It worked like a breeze with the problem project, and it was intuitive enough for me to clean the files and deliver to the customer.

So, now when I was already up and running I could just as well continue with 2014 for the next project too. This was a client who more often than not forgets to switch off Track Changes in Word, something that causes havoc already at the import stage in 2011. I made a conscious decision not to rectify that, and just act as if nothing was the matter. And it wasn’t! The program worked like a charm even though Track Changes was activated (I checked). Hurray!

Now I have got two problems rectified in one and the same evening. A good start with the new translation tool.


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