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Proprietary translation tools


Sometimes you do stupid things. Like accepting to translate in a non-professional tool. You think that ”it might get to be a little bumpier, but it cannot be too bad”. Well, guess – it can.

Different checks that cannot be turned off and have to be inactivated each time with the mouse instead of keyboard. No merging of many small files into one big work document. No automatic inserts of memory hits. No functioning previews. The list can be made much longer. But I think you get the general drift.

Just today I read complaints from several colleagues on Facebook about exactly this. There were comments like

  • I just HATE proprietary translation tools
  • I actively avoid all jobs that even have the faintest smell of proprietary tool
  • It must cost a lot to develop something that is a lot worse than the existing options on the market

Of course one can complain about SDL Studio, MemoQ and others, but they do not give this kind of work stress. Never again!

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