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Business Concept

Heljesten Dokumentation offers companies and organizations a variety of language services in the areas of technical documentation and translation, to fulfill their needs for clear and understandable technical communication for their target audiences.

Let your language reflect your brand – it has to

    • be easy to understand
    • be written in correct Swedish
    • be adapted to the target audience
    • have the right style level.

Heljesten Dokumentation has many years of experience of translation and documentation in the IT industry, including everything from the latest software versions and user manuals to brochures and marketing materials. We translate company websites and marketing materials, and create documentation for new web services. In recent years we have also done translations for the pharmaceutical industry as well as technical-medical material.

Privacy statement
We respect your privacy. Your documents will be treated in strictest confidence. Your personal data is used only for replies, quotes, invoicing, translation and other related services. You have the right to view, amend or delete this information at any time.

• are aware of why and how we collect your personal data.
• do not process your personal data without your consent.
• store your personal data safely.
• don’t share your personal data with third parties.
• never store personal data longer than necessary.
• regularly purge and delete personal data.

• can ask to have your personal data removed from our records at any time.
• can update your personal data at any time.
• can get a copy of all personal data we have stored about you at any time.